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Our wedding on St Andrews Day 2016.

I had a great time playing the Old Course on the day of my 60th birthday thanks to my kids and and my soon to be in laws. AMAZING! I even scored a birdie on the 12th (and my son missed one on the 15th). We'll come back soon!

Slovakia and Scotland have many things in common, but the golf... Slovakia is a country of the same population as Scotland, we also have food like haggis, but we have only about 20 golf courses there. Nevertheless the game is on the rise. Thanks to ice hockey being a very popular sport in Slovakia, we have many professionals playing abroad (e.g. NHL in Canada & USA) where they got in touch with golf. The funny thing is, the majority of them play golf left handed even if they are originally right handed (following their ice hockey stick routine). So we have too many golfers playing left handed. 5 years ago 'Lefties' challenged 'Righties' in Slovakia and set up a Ryder Cup format tournament. Surprisingly, since then, Lefties have won 4 years in a row. So this is why I brought them all here, to the Holy Land of golf to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their match. They made this busy place even busier in mid October 2017 and local economy (meaning pubs) profited considerably. It was a really wild and never-ending party, but everyone played their matches responsibly. I was hoping Righties could beat Lefties finally. It did not happen. We had been playing 3 days over The Castle and Eden courses (Fourball, Foursome, Singles matches). Final score was 14.5 to 9.5 for Lefties. They won again! Even their Captain Mr. Peter Schin felt sorry for us Righties. Neither my local knowledge, nor other secret weapons helped :-) I have to confess that the better team won. It was an unforgettable week for all 24 players, many even managed to play the Old Course in their spare time here! So, in 2022 we are going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this challenge again here in St Andrews, the very special place where I found my second home away from home. Guys, I have said this many times: I have had no one bad experience here in Scotland since I fell in love with your country 11 years ago. You are so blessed here in Scotland... I would like to express my deepest thanks to the Links Trust for their tremendous effort to preserve this precious heritage. I can feel the spirit of my hero Old Tom Morris in the air here. All the best for 2018 and for following years! Ladislav 'Laddie' Smatana.

Visiting St Andrews had been a lifelong wish. What better way to commemorate it?