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I arrived in St Andrews on the 5th of February with intentions of trying to play as many as three rounds before leaving on the afternoon of the 7th. Unfortunately mother nature had different plans for me. On the 6th, snow fell and forced the closure of all of the courses for that day. I made the most of the snow and walked around all the entirety of the golf course and took as many pictures as I could. Still hopeful for my chances to play the Old Course I went to the pavilion early on the 7th and was able to get on with a group of members in the 10:00 game. There are two memories that will never leave me from my time at the Old Course. One was the 60 foot birdie putt I made on 6 and the other is my 5 iron approach into 17. These memories will be as vivid 50 years from now as they are the day they happened. From an overall experience perspective there is absolutely nothing in the world that can compare to what St Andrews has to offer. As a single golfer it starts with the anticipation of waiting at the pavilion in hopes of getting a spot and from there it is enhanced by the staff, the starter, the caddie, and the group that you play with. Everyone wants visitors to the Old Course to have the most memorable experience possible and they will always exceed expectations.

Monday May 25, 2015 - Arrived 3:30am - in the 1st group (7am) on the tee of the Old Course. Neil G was my Caddie, one amazing feeling after the next.'I cannot believe I am here, playing golf on the most hallowed golf course on the planet'. The most amazing round of golf in my life. The sun was out. The wind was down. I shot a 94, including a long birdie on #15. No balls were lost to the gorse. One ball lost with a pull hook to the hotel (I'm a lefty) on 17. Neither Hell nor the Road bunkers were visited. Once finished, I rested a bit, had lunch with my new golfing companion from Chicago whom I met at 7am and then played 18 more holes (96) on the New Course. 36 holes in one day at St Andrews. The greatest golfing day of my life. Nothing can top that day.

Checking the pots!

Neil and Kevin at the Home of Golf, May 2017.