Your memories from the Home of Golf

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First time playing the Old on 28/06/21 hitting the first ball of the day at 6:30am; what a thrill and experience following in the footsteps of my host for the day, Kenny Whitehead.

Best 2 days of golf ever with my big pal Neil Thomson, 1st, 17th & 18th of the Old Course were what golfing dreams are made of 😇

The first 'once in a lifetime trip' as my wife describes it with tongue in cheek as I've returned a number of times since. Ryan Svenson and I in front of the R&A Clubhouse before we teed off on our Old Course Round. John Boyne on the bag, sun in the sky and plenty of compliments on our plus fours from other golfers and tourists taking in the sights.

Trip 4 to Scotland with Tim, Chuck and Don. A beautiful day on the Old. John Boyne got me around the course and I accomplished 'The Quad' for the first time: a score of 3 on the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th holes!